Breaking news from the mainstream: Photons do not exist

PSI Blog 20200217 Breaking news from the mainstream: Photons do not exist

From George Coyne:


Geoff Jones of the University of Sussex contends it is ‘wrong, and unnecessary’ to describe light in terms of small, localized particles. This idea removes some of the confusion in quantum descriptions of the double-slit experiment. His concept of what is ‘detected’ as a photon is the removal of one quantum or packet of energy from the field.  This use of the word “energy” differs from Borchardt’s definition of energy as representing a mathematical calculation.”

[GB: Thanks George for the heads up. It is nice the photon is being dissed by the mainstream. However, this is also just another instance in which aether particles are being mistaken for magical imaginings. There is no such thing as a “packet of energy.” What in the heck would that be? The E=mc2 equation merely describes the transfer of motion from one thing to another. Of course, for aether deniers that transfer amounts to the conversion of mass into magical energy that flits off through empty space.

Any “detection” of an aether particle must involve a collision in which that particle must transfer its motion to the detector in order for it to be detected. The detected aether particle must, in turn, be decelerated, effectively “removing it from the field” (i.e., making it less active or “energetic,” thus making it appear less noticeable and more likely to be considered as having been “removed.”]   

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Eric Stanley Reiter said...

About this "photons do not exist" stuff. It is true. See my experiments. A strong prediction of quantum mechanics (QM) is to say a photon goes one way or another at a beam-splitter. If you do the test with visible light you will see a chance-like noise of clicks going each way, as predicted by QM. I do the test with gamma-rays and show how the photon model fails. I did the same test with alpha-rays. See http://www.thresholdmodel.com Thank you, Eric Reiter, March 10, 2020.