The ghost of “Dark Energy” rides again!

PSI Blog 20200210 The ghost of “Dark Energy” rides again!

Astrophysicists Developed a New Theory to Explain 'Dark Energy'.

 Credit: SciTechDaily

Readers should know “Dark Energy” was invented to provide the “matterless motion” presumed to drive universal expansion. Dark Energy became especially crucial in Inflationary Universe Theory, which I explained in PSI Blog 20191216 “Hubble inconstant and superluminal galaxies.” Redshift measurements for the more distant galaxies implied they were receding faster than the speed of light.

Of course, “matterless motion” and energy, whether dark or not, neither exists nor occurs. Energy, like the other matter-motion terms we use in physics, is simply a calculation. We use energy calculations to describe and understand the transfer of motion from one thing to another. Without those “things” (i.e., matter in motion) we would be attempting to describe the imaginary ghost so plentiful in regressive interpretations. The latest circumlocution was brought to my attention by Jesse Witwer who writes:

“Just wow. Dark energy is a reverse Casimir effect? They don't know what causes that so they fabricate a reverse of it and project it out to the limits of an assumed finite universe? Yeesh.”

Here is the link:

The story is short and worth a cursory glance to see how crazy cosmogony has gotten.

BTW: Being aether deniers, regressives cannot explain the Casimir effect. They cannot imagine aether particles, having been decelerated by traveling through two sheets of metal, might produce an intervening zone of reduced aetherial pressure. These so-called physicists probably think their vacuum cleaner “attracts” the dirt via some phantasmagorical “pull” like the one they think causes gravitation.[1]

[1] For the true cause of gravitation see: Borchardt, Glenn, 2018, The Physical Cause of Gravitation: viXra:1806.0165.


Doogie said...

A child puts his hand over the air outlet of the vacuum cleaner and immediately figures out that there is no magical pulling power. Despite appearances, the illusion of "pull" or "vacuum" is caused by a simple fan that forces air from one end of the machine to the other. So simple, a child can figure it out. It takes several years of college physics and piece of paper framed on the wall (and a government grant) to get regressive scientists to forget and deny that childhood lesson and instead assume that there is a magical "pull" or "vacuum" acting in nature. They grab their pencils and computers and start figuring out what higher math supports their whacked-out theories.
What a wonderful increase in sanity and amazing technology we would have if a majority of people gave up the idea of "pull", "vacuum", "energy without matter", and "matter without energy". As you say Dr. Glenn, it's all ghosts.

Glenn Borchardt said...


Thanks for the great comment! You are correct. All I have to do is to ask my theoretical physics colleagues one question about "attraction": "How does that happen?" To date, I have not received an answer.