Block Universe Theory

From Jesse Witwer: “I can’t decide if these folks actually think Einstein’s paradigm is deterministic or are just trying to mathematically prove that it isn’t.”

[GB: Before you read this, let me give the definition of Block Universe Theory from Wikipedia: “According to the growing block universe theory of time (or the growing block view), the past and present exist while the future does not. The present is an objective property, to be compared with a moving spotlight. By the passage of time more of the world comes into being; therefore, the block universe is said to be growing. The growth of the block is supposed to happen in the present, a very thin slice of spacetime, where more of spacetime is continually coming into being.

The growing block view is an alternative to both eternalism (according to which past, present, and future all exist) and presentism (according to which only the present exists). It is held to be closer to common-sense intuitions than the alternatives.”

Note the use of the word “exist” here for time. As readers know, time is motion, and cannot exist. Only portions of the universe having xyz dimensions can exist. Time occurs, it does not flow. Time is motion. Only things can flow. Einstein’s turning motion into a thing (objectification or reification) was his biggest blunder. He did the same for light in his Special Relativity Theory as well. Note in this link how it is admitted that General Relativity Theory equations lead to the “Block Universe Theory.” Egads!]

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