Do We Live in a Lopsided Universe?

PSI Blog 20200427 Do We Live in a Lopsided Universe?

Here is the latest falsification of the Big Bang Theory. A real explosion is not lopsided. Cosmogonists have assumed their imagined “expansion of the universe” was homogeneous. That trope was sent to bed when Kashlinsky and others showed some galaxy clusters were heading off to parts unknown. They were supposedly being “attracted” to some massive object outside the observed universe. That was helpful for the oxymoronic “multiverse” theory—an ad hoc that was another insult to common sense. Now this lopsided thing comes along. How will they handle this one? Ditch the Big Bang Theory? Don’t hold your breath. Good thing the Infinite Universe, not being finite, does not have be perfectly spherical.

Have a shot at this one. A prize to anyone who can guess what the next ad hoc will be:

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Bligh said...

How to spell Horse Shit?

Logical problem: If the universe is infinite in size and therefore time, how could it be lopsided? How could it be finite, if there is no such thing as nothing?

Silly stuff, this. Better save it for the dog days of summer. :)