The Aether: Against the biggest mistake in the history of physics

PSI Blog 20200622 The Aether: Against the biggest mistake in the history of physics

Thanks to Bill Howell for this heads up on Jean de Climont’s latest. In many respects he is on the same page we are, though he seems a bit reluctant to say the word “aether,” instead calling it the “medium,” just like Newton did in his push theory.

Here are just a few things he gets right:

1.    Light is a wave in the aether.
2.    Photons do not exist.
3.    Aether is entrained around baryonic objects, including electrons.
4.    Sagnac proved the existence of aether.
5.    Gravitation is a push; not a pull.
6.    The LIGO experiment proved the detected motion was transmitted as a wave through the aether at the velocity of light.
7.    The cosmological redshift is a function of distance—not galactic recession.
8.    The universe is not expanding.
9.    There was no Big Bang.

The 30-minute video is a bit technical and covers a lot of ground pretty fast, but it is worth looking into, for the history, if nothing else:

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Glenn Borchardt said...

From Bill:

"Hi Glenn-
I enjoyed your last post. I thought de Climont's video had a lot of good stuff in it. I had planned to to go thru it carefully and discuss it with you so I'm glad you found it suitable to share with your blog readers. Btw, I re-looked at that part where I thought he was supporting an expanding Earth and now I don't think that's what he meant. He doesn't state that he is an EET proponent and the visual he uses does not depict the Earth's radius expanding, just the continents moving around."