Crisis in cosmology by Eric Lerner

PSI Blog 20200803 Crisis in cosmology by Eric Lerner

Thanks to Don Briddell for this heads-up:


This is the first in a series of videos on the crisis by Eric Lerner, the physicist who blew the whistle with his prescient book:

Lerner, E.J., 1992, The Big Bang never happened: New York, Vintage Books, 440 p.

I did a detailed critical review of physics Prof. Victor Stenger’s regressive review of Lerner’s book here:

Eric’s videos go into much detail pointing out the Big Bang Theory’s failure to provide accurate predictions. For example, the He and Li measurements are 10 to 25 standard deviations removed from BBT predictions. He shows a huge increase in “cosmological crisis awareness” mentioned in 2019 articles, but unfortunately, I was not able to confirm that with a simple Google search. In any case, the falsifications and contradictions keep piling up.

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