No kidding: “A Cosmological Revolution is Coming”

PSI Blog 20200810 No kidding: “A Cosmological Revolution is Coming”

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From time to time even New Scientist presents what is supposed to be an anti-Big Bang article. The most recent is one with this title and subtitle:

“The four puzzles that tell us a cosmological revolution is coming"

"A century ago, we missed the loose threads that told us our picture of the universe would unravel. Let’s not be so complacent now, says cosmologist Dan Hooper”

This is the usual compilation of all the silly interpretations that make the Big Bang Theory as fragile as an egg from a malnourished hen on the edge of a precipice. And also, as usual, Hooper comes up with no resolution of the mess. The obvious assumption that the universe is infinite totally escapes him. He even repeats the old fake news that “Hubble discovered the universe was expanding:”

“In 1929, Edwin Hubble observed that the universe is in fact changing. Every galaxy is receding from us: every two points in space are getting farther apart from each other as time advances. The universe is expanding.”

Except for the misstep in the title of his initial paper, Hubble continued to deny he discovered any such thing. He always thought, correctly, that light from distant galaxies simply lost energy over distance, resulting in the cosmological redshift. Hooper ought to read the literature.

I don’t recommend your reading this piece unless you need a refresher on the current cosmogonical propaganda.

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