More “End of the Universe” Crap

PSI Blog 20200817 More “End of the Universe” Crap

Discredit: New Scientist

Readers know the universe is infinite—it had no beginning and will have not end. And they also know that “Dark Energy” was invented to save the Big Bang Theory—energy does not exist; it is a calculation. I was especially amused by New Scientist pushing the following two propaganda pieces in their lecture series. They even have the nerve to charge 12£ for such nonsense.

Here it is straight from the “national enquirer of science”:


We know the universe had a beginning and physicists agree that one day it will end, but how will it finish? Will our universe collapse in upon itself, rip itself apart, or even – in the next five minutes – succumb to an inescapable expanding bubble of doom?

Drawing on cutting-edge theory and brand new results from the most powerful telescopes and particle colliders, theoretical astrophysicist Katie Mack, explores five possible finales for the universe and what they would look like  (if anyone were still around to see them): the Big Crunch, Heat Death, Vacuum Decay, the Big Rip and the Bounce.”

Included in your ticket is exclusive access to additional on demand lecture...


After 14 billion years, you might expect the expansion of the cosmos to be slowing down.  Professor of astrophysics at the University of Sussex, Kathy Romer describes the mysterious substance, known as dark energy, that seems to be causing the universe to rip itself apart and introduces a new generation of industrial-scale international astronomy projects seeking to explore the underlying physics.”


Sorry this email notification came too late for you to enjoy this latest attempt to spread Cosmogonical Fake News. Oh well, maybe they will have a video you could watch for giggles.

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Andy said...

It's statements like this that always makes me cringe.

"We know the universe had a beginning and physicists agree that one day it will end, but how will it finish?"

Actually, some "believe" it had a beginning, and some physicists "believe" that one day it will end. In general though, physicists agree very little on creation theory, but they may agree to collaborate to publish something for 12£ a copy. Making money is about the only thing they seem to agree on here.

They don't "know" anything about a beginning, and most certainly don't know anything about an end, which makes the "how will it finish" a very silly and meaningless question. That's 3 deep in the minutiae based on an educated guess derived from assumptions.

All I can really say about the article is, don't bring "we" into it. I'm not a member of the "we" club. And I am most certain you aren't a member either Glenn.

They're really charging 12£ a copy?

I did catch this article the other day. Got through the first paragraph, but that was about it.

It's very irresponsible journalism. Fake news. Just think of all the millions of casual readers that get suckered into believing, "We know the universe had a beginning".

No, "we" don't, but some scientists and religious folks believe it had a beginning.