Nonsense about Space and Time as Illusions

 PSI Blog 20201012 Nonsense about Space and Time as Illusions


One primary characteristic of regressive physicists is the inability to know what time is. The same, it seems, goes for space.


Here is another one by Dr. Tim Andersen, regressive physicist, from Georgia Tech. This time it is the old “time is an illusion” trope. As readers know, time is the motion of matter.[1]


Space and time may be illusions


Of course, this discussion amounts to a contradiction of the First Assumption of Science, materialism (The external world exists after the observer does not). It illustrates once again how far regressive physics has strayed from reality.


  Tim writes:


“One of the deepest philosophical questions is: why is there something rather than nothing? A more tractable question is: why is there space and time even when there is no matter?”


These are “deep philosophical questions” only for naïve idealists. As readers know, perfectly empty space is an idealization. There can be no such thing. Empty space has never been and will never be found. It is impossible for “nothing” to exist. After assuming just the opposite, Tim goes on to ask his second dumb question, proving once again that regressive physicists have no idea what time is. This is a paradox for him only because his beginning assumption (immaterialism) is incorrect.




[1] This from George Coyne: “Glenn, Ever since Einstein decoupled motion from matter in his relativity, physicists have accepted that motion can occur in the absence of matter. You and I know this is nonsensical, but the mainstream physicists do not question this dogma. Thus, your phrase "time is motion" needs to always be stated in full as "Time is the motion of matter." The last 2 words may appear unnecessary for a reason that is obvious to you and I, but they are needed. In your comparison of the BBT and IUT you do use the full phrase.”  [GB: I agree.]


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