Nonsense in Five Dimensions


PSI Blog 20201005 Nonsense in Five Dimensions


Regressives and reformists are always at work trying to demolish contradictions with untoward imagination. Here is one by Dr. Tim Andersen from Georgia Tech:


A 5th dimension may explain quantum theory


“String theorists claim that the universe has many dimensions: 10, 11, or 26, but that all but the four are curled up so small that we can’t detect them.

That’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about a real 5th dimension, one that is as big and uncurled as the other four.”


Tim goes on to give all the details to this loony idea. Like many reform attempts, this one may be attractive to Newtonians and Einsteinians who simply cannot give up the indeterministic assumption of finity (The universe is finite in the microscopic and macroscopic directions). Because there are an infinite number of causes for any effect, all measurements have a plus or minus. Readers know the Copenhagen crowd handled nature’s reluctance to conform to finity by considering probability as a cause in itself. Einstein objected because, like the old-fashioned Newtonians (and Copenhageners), he could not give up the finity assumption. Here is how Tim goes about getting rid of that nasty old infinity:


“If this is true, it would mean that rather than being random, quantum mechanics is simply the result of classical motion in a largely invisible dimension.”


What he means by “classical motion” is the Newtonian assumption that causality is finite. Here he substitutes probability as a singular cause with the imagined 5th dimension as a singular cause. Voila! This would satisfy Einstein’s dislike of probability, possibly achieving the holy grail of reformists: the impossible unification of relativity and quantum mechanics.




Note: This is part of a website Tim calls “The Infinite Universe

First Principles in Science, Philosophy, and Religion.” I don’t think so.

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Glenn Borchardt said...

From physicist Alex Cibin:

Dear Glenn.
I also believe that so-called relativistic quantum mechanics is nonsense.
A similar nonsense is the current Nobel Prize in Physics.