Motion of electrons and magnetism

PSI Blog 20210816 Motion of electrons and magnetism

According to Jean de Climont, the motion of electrons is not the cause of the magnetic field:




The Climont video on the lack of electron particle motion is quite convincing. He correctly implies that the manifestations of electricity and magnetism require the presence of the aether. He gives the correct interpretation of Sagnac and eschews the regressive belief in perfectly empty space and that light is a massless particle instead of a wave in the aether (“Infinite Universe Theory”). His view is in tune with our philosophy of univironmental determinism (what happens to a portion of the universe depends on the infinite matter within and without) (“The Scientific Worldview”). The regressive belief that electron motion is all that is required for magnetism involves an obvious microcosmic mistake. An electron without a macrocosm (i.e., perfectly empty space) could not produce magnetism by itself.


Note also that Climont uses the correct spelling of aether and recognizes Descartes’ claim that aether is the medium for both light and gravitation (“Aether Deceleration Theory”).


Debates among reformists generally become bogged down when the arguments are based on opposing fundamental assumptions (“The Ten Assumptions of Science”). There is little point in arguing with someone who is an aether denier or believes in the other popular superstitions used to defend relativity (“Religious Roots of Relativity”). The aether concept solves many problems in physics, from dark matter to the reason relativity (requiring perfectly empty space) and quantum mechanics (not necessarily requiring perfectly empty space) can never be compatible.


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