Vortices in Media are Responsible for Magnetism

Last week’s blog provide a video demo of the physical reason for charge. This week I provide a link to Ionel Dinu’s video demonstrating the physical mechanism for magnetism. Note that, for this to work there must be both a microcosm and a macrocosm as I have insisted in the reduction I call “neomechanics” and the expansion I call “univironmental determinism” (Borchardt, 2007). As in the charge demo, it would have been futile for Ionel to perform his experiment without the macrocosm of the water. Also, as in the charge demo, “attraction” requires microcosms spinning in opposite directions and “repulsion” requires microcosms spinning in the same direction.

One of the greatest deficiencies of today’s regressive physics is that there is no physical explanation for magnetism, just as there is no physical explanation for gravitation. Einstein’s gravitational and magnetic fields are immaterial—they are completely empty space. Thus when most folks are asked about it, they typically say that “matter attracts matter” and that “opposite magnetic poles attract each other.” They will say this because that is the propaganda necessary for aether denial, despite the fact that there are no true pulls in nature. The math is the same whether gravitation and magnetism are considered a pull or a push, material or immaterial.

We have a magnet in our kitchen where we hang our knives. To the aether denier, there is nothing whatsoever that is responsible for the constant pushes keeping the knives hanging there. That process might just as well be “magic.” After all, we are to believe that the magnet naturally “attracts” the iron. Humanity must give up such silly beliefs as we progress beyond our juvenile stage of development. We need to adopt The Tenth Assumption of Science, Interconnection (All things are interconnected, that is, between any two objects exist other objects that transmit matter and motion), which removes the silliness forthwith.

Here is Ionel’s wonderful video showing motion analogous to what occurs during magnetism:


Borchardt, Glenn, 2007, The scientific worldview: Beyond Newton and Einstein: Lincoln, NE, iUniverse, 411 p.

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