Letter in Support of an NPA Member

Mr. Douglas, Managing Editor, Evening Times

This letter is in reference to Joe and his work on relativity. Joe is one of many dissident scientists opposed to the misuse of idealism in modern physics. He is a member of the Natural Philosophy Alliance. Although, not being a mathematician, I cannot vouch for the correctness of Joe’s mathematics, I can assure you that the fundamental assumptions he used in his paper on “Planetary motion around the sun” are sound (for comparison, see my book “The Ten Assumptions of Science,” which I am scheduled to discuss on 8/30 (http://www.worldnpa.org/php2/index.php?tab0=Events)). In essence, Joe and I assume that the universe consists of matter in motion. Matter has x, y, z dimensions. Matter exists; motion occurs. Motion is not a thing, it is what things do. We both agree that Einstein’s imaginary conceptualization of motion (time) as a dimension is invalid. As Joe states in his paper, “Anything that does not fit in three-dimensions then it is not physics!” I agree. Any supposedly scientific work that claims that more than three dimensions actually exist therefore is incorrect and unworthy of public financial support.

What Joe calls “space-timers” are those folks whose work is founded on the belief that the imaginary concept of “space-time” actually refers to something real. It does not. Space is real (it always contains matter); time is motion (all clocks measure motion). “Space-time” is not real. Because one of the primary assumptions of the Big Bang Theory (BBT) requires space-time to be real, I, and many of us in NPA, believe that the BBT cannot be correct. It would be extremely fortuitous for us to be at the center of the visible universe having a diameter of 27.4 billion light years and over 1023 stars similar to our own sun.
Like many in the NPA, Joe’s rhetoric in response to this travesty in physics shows his frustration and alarm that the belief in non-Euclidean dimensions has dominated the field so thoroughly and for so long. Those who believe in only three dimensions and actually know what time is are weeded out of the discipline at an early stage. Almost all critics are outsiders or retirees. The relativity-BBT paradigm has developed a strong, inbred group of folks whose very financial existence requires them to vehemently attack anyone who might suggest that they are mistaken. In my view, this has occurred because the underlying assumptions in modern physics have much in common with the idealistic bent of society at large. Space-time may be the least of the imaginary “things” that people mistakenly believe to be real.

Mike, if you decide to do a story on this topic, you will be doing a great service to science. Although Joe is much more optimistic about the timing of the overthrow of General Relativity and the BBT, it has to happen sometime. Maybe you will be the one to light the fire.

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