Elderly Galaxy Disproves Big Bang Theory

Contradictions of the Big Bang Theory gather steam with each new discovery. Recent work shows the existence of a 12.8-billion year old galaxy containing a “black hole”:
“Black holes” are the super-dense nuclei of galaxies, which, if they are like our Milky Way Galaxy, must be about 10 billion years old. Even the solar system took 4.5 billion years to form, but here we have an entire galaxy that supposedly formed in only 0.9 billion years after the universe supposedly exploded out of nothing (13.7 billion year-“age” of the universe-12.8 billion years). This data, instead, supports Infinite Universe Theory ( http://scientificphilosophy.com/Downloads/IUT.pdf ), which claims that galaxies of all ages will be found at all distances from Earth. Now, I suppose the Big Bangers will have to cook up some cock-and-bull story about superfast evolution in the “first billion years” so they can keep their fairy tale alive. Thanks to Mike deHilster who instantly recognized this for what it really was and kindly gave me a timely heads-up on it.


Mike said...

Comment of 9/4/2009 1:43 pm accidently erased:

Well said as usual, Glenn. The Big Bangers are all running around with their fingers in their ears yelling "la-la-la-la-la" and taking crazy pills. I also keep waiting for the Hubble super-duper-mega-ultra deep field. When that happens, the universe will then be 17 billion years old or some such. It's never-ending (pun intended).

Glenn Borchardt said...

Thanks Mike. I look forward to your superduper deep field prediction becoming true. The Big Bangers have to hope that it goes out to 22.8 billion years for them to claim that the elderly galaxy had enough time to form. Of course, this would mean that some embarrassing recalculations would be necessary. Hawking better get to work on it right away. On the other hand, light absorption over distance means that, at some point, we won't be able to see anymore galaxies even though the universe is infinite. The finity people will jump for joy with that one.

Mike said...

22.8 billion. Great.

How many times does this have to happen before paradigm-shift begins? What kind of "evidence" would it take to make 'physicists' change their minds?

I’m really not optimistic given what you say about light absorption. If that happens, they'll never be convinced. They will have found their singularity. If only it were as simple as point out that they are indeterminists... But they like that kind of thing. Most people do. They want ANSWERS, not questions. Infinity poses... infinite questions. Sounds like a blast to me, but 'physicists' with tenure probably don't care for it.

No one ever got a grant for 'I don't know' or more questions.

Are results are killing science!

Anonymous said...

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