CERN does another crazy

PSI Blog 20170426 CERN does another crazy

Thanks to Fred who found this one hidden on the Internet for a couple years:

My response to Fred was:

Egads! Egads! This is the craziest one yet! From the "director general of CERN" no less! I think he should get back to cleaning up the Higgs mess before doing anymore loopy stuff. BTW: Are you sure that this wasn't an April fool joke (the 20151001 date is probably fake too)?

Fred wrote back with this:

“Could be a joke, but, we still have a lot of work to do. Someone posted this genuine response on Facebook:  ‘I've always thought that music vibrations may be used in the future to prop up wormholes long enough for us to travel through them to another universe.’”


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Bligh said...

Fake News probably.
I did not find sub.... in the wiki lists for satiric or just plain FAKE news.