Where does Infinite Universe Theory get us?

PSI Blog 20181212 Where does Infinite Universe Theory get us?

In a piqué over the general lack of interest in IUT, I asked Rick (Director of the Michigan Office) this question.

As usual, Rick put it on the line in the way only he can do it:

I'd say IUT gets us to logical reasoning in all areas of philosophy. IUT is a devastating blow against immaterialism and indeterminism, for those with ears to hear it.

There are many podcasting atheists out there who I enjoy listening to, but some of them talk about a "respectable" Jungian value that religion and spirituality bring to humankind. Some sense of purpose or sense of wonder. BS! I couldn't disagree more. 

I think even the most harmless, touchy-feely, lovey-dovey, new-age "I'm not religious, but I'm spiritual" preacher perpetuates immaterialism, anti-naturalism, and anti-life. It's the poison that Plato injected into our cultural thinking long ago. All his highly-respected talk about "non-physical forms" that are the "true reality". That kind of attitude leads to unnecessary suffering in so many non-religious pursuits - technological, political, cultural…you name it. It leads people to worship words instead of matter, after-life instead of life here and now. I about puke when someone says at a funeral, "she's in a better place now".

I'll paraphrase something that comes to mind, "Materialism builds jet airliners. Immaterialism flies jet airliners into buildings." Or how about, "Good people do good things, bad people do bad things, but only religion and politics make good people do bad things"? Religion and politics are cultural insanity brought on by indeterminism and immaterialism.

People think it's admirable to believe weird and spooky ideas without any proof except the family tradition or cultural "norms". Stories made up by cave-dwellers or sheep-herders sitting around the campfire. So, if female genital mutilation is a "tradition", it must be hunky dory. If honor killings are considered sacred, go for it. If everyone says "support the troops" instead of "bring home the troops", we're in trouble if we make any observations about how military adventurism wastes lives, money, resources, time, and energy. (Not to mention the mega-pollution from depleted Uranium and other toxic chemicals used in warfare.)

My idea of fun:

With the upsurge in the popular belief in ghosts, I like to ask believers if their pet ghosts are affected at all by gravity or physical barriers like walls and floors. When they say, "no they are not affected by gravity or walls", I tell them that if that's so, the ghosts would go flying past us at 1,000 mph, as gravity holds us mere mortals to the earth while it rotates. And then I throw in the idea that we physical beings who are affected by gravity and inertia are traveling 66,000 mph, thanks to gravity keeping us attached to the earth as it orbits the sun. Any "non-physical entity" not affected by gravity would zip right past us at incredible speed. (And I don't use that word "incredible" lightly. It's such an overused word.)

Happy holidays,
Rick Doogie


Glenn Borchardt said...

From Jesse:

Of course these are indeed profound observations and insights that evolve from deep thought of TTAOS.

Indeed it is also why adoption is near impossible on large scale. For one, there is a large IQ barrier. Second there is religion, third there is spirituality, next there is Einsteinism.....who even generally reject the other three and are often considered kooky by the previous 3.

So many barriers that I mostly dubbed it impossible outside of harnessing the knowledge like Tesla did to deliver massive technological advancement. This is where SAFIRE may deliver and why I ever so much encourage you Glenn to get back in touch with them. They are plowing ahead with experiments but they desperately, DESPERATELY need a set of assumptions. All great science does.

Bligh said...

evidence for determinism, and only anecdotes for determinism, BUT we can't prove on or the other. Not an uncontested proof,and this is due to the logical fact of infinity

Glenn Borchardt said...

From Fred: