Is the Universe Conscious?

PSI Blog 20200504 Is the Universe Conscious?

Here is the latest regressive outrage. We always can count on New Scientist to come up with the biggest absurdities. I won’t waste much time on this as Jerry Coyne has beat me to it. Panpsychism claims that every part of the universe, down to the tiniest particle, has consciousness. That’s funny, I always thought nervous tissue was necessary for interpreting sensory signals. I never once thought the NaCl crystals in my salt shaker had consciousness. So, believe it or not, some mathematically possessed folks think just that—immaterialism at its finest.

As Jerry writes in his recent blog post: Panpsychism is quack philosophy, and New Scientist is the National Enquirer of science.

Here is Jerry’s take on it:

He has a link to the New Scientist article. You might want to read that to keep up with the fantastic world of regressive physics. Who knows? You just might get to go through one of Einstein’s wormholes if you are lucky!

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Doogie said...

The "everything is conscious" idea seems related to the "you should love everyone" idea. It is an insult to the word "love" to say that you should love everyone. Love is hard work; hard to give and hard to earn. If you love everyone, then love is nothing. If everything is conscious, then consciousness is nothing. I'm sorry, one of my pet peeves is the modern trend of over-using words until a very good word becomes meaningless. Think of the word "hero". Words like "incredible", "absolutely", "awesome". And everyone's favorite, "literally".