What Questions Do You Have About Infinite Universe Theory?

PSI Blog 20210222 What Questions Do You Have About Infinite Universe Theory?


To all my readers:


It should be clear by now that we have beaten the horse called “Big Bang” to death many times over. We now await the excuses cosmogonists will dream up when the Webb telescope discovers galaxies older than their imagined 13.8-billion-year age of their finite universe. We should all get a kick out of that.


Now I would like to switch from the negative to the  positive like I did in the second half of “Infinite Universe Theory.” Like all theories, it needs continuous development. We need more predictions that can be tested. We need to resolve any paradoxes or contradictions that I am unaware of. This is where you come in. Many heads are better than one, so I would like to answer any questions you can think of. Makes no difference whether they are basic or advanced. Each week I will pick the best question and answer it on Monday.


Think of it this way: What if the universe really was infinite and eternal? How would that realization change your interpretations of natural phenomena? For that matter, how would it change your life? Here is one way: Prizes will be awarded for the best questions. Good luck!

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