Lessons from an Invitation to Indeterminism

I just received an invitation to become an indeterminist. Although I normally turn these down rapidly and respectfully, I thought this one from reader Frank Hatch was nevertheless quite instructive:

Invitation to Join an Upgraded Species:

This is an invitation to functional individuals of a corrrupt species - i.e., the human species called, "Man." This invitation was originally offered by the first New Man or Son of Man, but it has since collected a swamp of clerical additions. However, after two thousand years, the invitation is still open. Indeed, in the moment before your death, the invitation will still be open to you.

Definitions for Functional and Non-Functional Individuals: http://www.FrankHatchiii.com/Invitation.html

Best Regards,

Frank Hatch
Initial Mass Displacements 

As you may have experienced, we become univironmental determinists by adhering to certain fundamental assumptions. If you took any science courses at all, you must have come across the impression that “there are material causes for all effects” or that the real world is made of matter, while the imagined world is not. Those statements are enough to set off endless arguments settled on an individual basis only by assumption. "The Ten Assumptions of Science" were discovered by careful study with the use of these three requirements for fundamental assumptions:      

      They always have opposites.
      They never can be completely proven.
      If more than one, they must be consupponible (without contradiction).

I must admit that my 20 years living with indeterminism seemed to have been necessary for discovering the most important oppositions. Frank is still living with it, as you can see. I am glad to be included among his “functional individuals,” but I am quite sure that I am not a member of a “corrupt species.” It is too bad that the indeterministic baggage must also include general pessimism. I don’t know what a “corrupt species” would look like. A lot of the world is “red in tooth and claw,” as Darwin recognized. Univironmental determinism, the universal mechanism of evolution, assumes that whatever happens to an xyz portion of the universe is determined by the infinite matter in motion within and without.

With humanity experiencing the latter part of its juvenile development, I suppose we could label much of its activity as “corrupt.” I don’t find that particularly useful. That is sort of like the rabbit complaining about the fox instead of running away. We can whine about the human condition all we want, dreaming about how things should be, but there is nothing like getting our hands dirty doing something about it. Signing up for indeterminism, even if it is just before the last minute, is a copout and a complete waste of time.  

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