Another Elderly Galaxy Trashes the Big Bang

It takes at least 12 billion years to make a galaxy like this one (BX442). That is the age of the Milky Way, which also is a spiral complete with a dense nucleus (a so-called “black hole”). With 10.7 billion years of light travel time, that would make BX442 about 22.7 billion years old right now, if it is still there. Even the solar system is 4.5 billion years old. The idea that a spiral galaxy could have formed in only 3 billion years is preposterous. No wonder Big Bangers Law and Shapley were “blown away.” Guess they haven’t been following the literature. These objects have been evident for at least 3 years. A whole galactic cluster that must be even older was discovered 2 years ago. See my Blogs at:

Oh well, I guess it isn’t any more stupid than decreasing taxes to pay off the deficit and laying off workers to provide jobs.

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Glenn Borchardt said...

I asked Bill Westmiller how the Big Bangers handle the contradiction. He said that it involves:

Lots of mumbo-jumbo:

"While special relativity constrains objects in the universe from moving faster than the speed of light with respect to each other, there is no such theoretical constraint when space itself is expanding. It is thus possible for two very distant objects to be expanding away from each other at a speed greater than the speed of light."

This expansion of "space" in the early epoch of the Big Bang is at least 10^78 times the speed of light. They also sell snake oil in the corner. ;o)